Antelope Valley School District


There is often confusion around “High School” books and “AVC” books. Here’s a description of each to help you understand the process:

  • SOAR HIGH SCHOOL BOOKS are books that are used for high school classes.  They are purchased by SOAR, maintained by SOAR, distributed by SOAR, and returned to SOAR.

  • AVC BOOKS are books that are used for college classes.  They are purchased by AVC, maintained by AVC, distributed by AVC, and returned to AVC.

SOAR HIGH SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS - High school textbooks for the 2021-22 school year were distributed to students during summer school and at a distribution earlier this week.  Students who missed their high school book distribution will be issued high school books during the first week of high school.

SOAR HIGH SCHOOL DEVICES - We have Chromebooks and hotspots available for students who are in need of technology for home use.  Please submit a request for a device here.

AVC SUMMER BOOK RETURNS - Students who took an AVC Summer 2021 class must return their summer books on Monday, August 9th between the hours of 7:30am and 5:45 pm to T700-D.  STUDENTS MUST BRING THEIR AVC SUMMER BOOKS ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Students are responsible to return them outside of their scheduled SOAR classes.  See flyer here.

AVC BOOK DISTRIBUTION FOR FALL 2021 - AVC Fall 2021 will be distributed during AVID on August 11th and 12th. Students will walk to AVC to pick up their books during their AVID class with their AVID teacher. See flyer here

AVC ACCESS CODES - Some AVC classes will require an access code to be purchased by credit card.  This is considered an instructional material and paid for by SOAR High School.  To avoid heavy traffic in the front office, we will continue to purchase access codes virtually.  We do not reimburse access code purchases, so please do not purchase them on your own. You can submit a request for an access code purchase here.  

Questions? Please contact Mrs. Schaeffer at