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Antelope Valley School District

 Welcome to the Class of 2020 News Page!

Please check back regularly for upcoming announcements and updates to senior activies.

Senior Pep Rally

***Senior Standards of Conduct***

Seniors must follow all school rules and regulations at all senior activities. Appropriate behavior and regular school attendance are required in order to be eligible for all senior activities. Remember that senior activities, including graduation, are privileges. School officials reserve the right to remove students from any senior activities, including prom, or graduation. Specifically,
• any senior who is subject to significant disciplinary action in the months prior to graduation may forfeit their participation in the commencement ceremony and/or other senior activities;
• any senior who has not met all of the graduation requirements 48 hour prior to graduation may not participate in the commencement ceremony;
• any senior who has not attended the mandatory senior meeting(s) and graduation practices may not participate in the commencement ceremony; or
• any senior who behaves inappropriately during the commencement ceremony may be removed from the ceremony.

Click image above to download senior information packet.  Each senior must submit a signed packet to their AVID teacher.